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    Settings of StrikeFx EA

    BuySell (All,Buy,Sell,No) -- this flag blocks opening new baskets. All - new buy and sell baskets are allowed, Buy - only buy baskets are allowed, Sell - only sell baskets are allowed, No - no new baskets will be opened.
    CloseAllNow (TRUE/FALSE) -- close all open orders immediately.
    SetName -- the name of the set file.

    Indicator parameters:
    Parameter of the indicators.
    TF -- working timeframe (any standard timeframe in minutes)
    PeriodMA -- period of MA
    PriceMA -- price of MA
    MethodMA -- method of MA
    ATRPeriod -- period of ATR

    Logic parameters:
    Entry -- parameter of the first entry
    Exit -- parameter of the exit
    TPfirst -- take profit of the first order
    LotMult -- lot increase parameter
    MinGridStep -- minimal distance between the orders
    MinTimeStep -- minimal time between the orders
    MinDepth -- parameter of additional entries
    MaxLevels -- maximal allowed number of orders in the basket
    MaxSpread -- maximal spread
    UseLimitOrders (TRUE/FALSE) -- when TRUE, all entries except the first one will be by pending orders
    FirstOrderSL -- virtual stop-loss of the first order
    FreezeHours -- freeze time if the stop-loss of the first order was hit

    Money management:
    Parameters of the starting lot.
    LotSize -- starting lot (if AutoMM = FALSE).
    AutoMM (TRUE/FALSE) -- When AutoMM is enabled, the starting lot will be automatically set up as
    starting lot = LotSize *(account balance)/AutoMMEquity.
    AutoMMEquity -- parameter of AutoMM.

    Adjusting the maximal allowed drawdown. The feature is disabled if all MaxDD, MaxDDPerCent, MaxDDAutoMMEquity are zero.
    UseLock (TRUE/FALSE) -- With UseLock = TRUE, when the maximal drawdown is reached, EA will place the full lock, remove all stop-losses and take-profit, and stop trading. With UseLock = FALSE, EA will close all open orders and stop trading.
    MaxDD --Maximal open drawdown allowed for trading, in units of the base currency. If the open drawdown becomes equal or greater than MaxDD, all market orders will be closed immediately, all pending orders deleted, and trading will be stopped. In order to resume trading, you need to restart EA. If MaxDD is set to 0, this option is disabled.
    MaxDDPerCent -- The same as MaxDD, but in percents of the account balance. E.g., if MaxDDPerCent =30, the trading will be stopped when the drawdown exceeds 30% of your account balance. If MaxDDPerCent is set to 0, this option is disabled.
    MaxDDAutoMMEquity -- Automatic recalculation of the maximal drawdown for the AutoMM regime. The maximal drawdown is calculated as MaxDD = (starting lot)/LotSize * MaxDDAutoMMEquity. Actual value of MaxDD is shown in information panel of EA.

    Misc parameters:
    Magic -- magic number of orders
    MagicLock -- magic number of lock orders (are set only when the maximal drawdown is reached and full lock is placed)
    Comments -- comments of orders
    comment_color -- text color in the information box
    comment_fontsize -- font size in the information box
    comment_lineheight -- distance between lines in the information box
    box_color -- background color in the information box
    colBE -- line color of the information box

    Control Center parameters:
    Parameters for EA in the Control Center mode.
    Attention: EA in the Control Center mode does not open any trades. For detailed information, see the Control Center thread.
    ControlCenterMode (TRUE/FALSE) -- If TRUE, the Control Center mode is enabled.
    MaxPairs -- maximal number of the currency pairs traded simultaneously.
    MaxPairsPerCurrency -- maximal number of the CURRENCIES traded simultaneously in one direction (buy or sell). For example, when MaxPairsPerCurrency = 1 and EA trades EURUSD long, it will not trade longs on XXXUSD pairs and shorts on USDXXX (but may trade shorts on XXXUSD).
    FreezeDDPerCent -- maximal open drawdown for which opening of new baskets are allowed.
    HistoryPeriod -- time period for display of statics on closed trades (ThisWeek, ThisMonth, LastMonth). LastMonth shows the total statistics of the current and the last months.
    RefreshSeconds -- refresh statistics not quicker than RefreshSeconds (save resources).
    MagicAdd, MagicLockAdd -- if not 0, Control Center will control orders with these magics as well.
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