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    Question from our user:
    Thanks for very nice analysis.

    GBPUSD was considered the best pair for grid martingale for quite some time. But during the last year we have observed several large directional movements that were previously uncharacteristic for this pair. I would be cautious with this pair for some time, to see how it performs in the future. It might be wise to reduce the risks and be ready to fix losses if the drawdown reaches about 15k for 0.01 starting lot.

    Concerning the sets, there is no definite answer here. More aggressive sets have a change to close the basket with profit on smaller pull-back of the price, but they accumulate drawdown more rapidly. In many cases, the agressive set is the first one out of the drawdown, as compared to more conservative sets. However, if there is no pullback at all, aggressive set leads to larger drawdown, so it is better to fix losses earlier. If you are using multigrid, it might be good idea to use different sets for different grids.

    We are preparing update of the EA. Several new sets are coming with it.
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