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    In this thread we discuss the technical issues and problems with Forex Warrior. In the first posts, I will answer several questions that are often asked by new users.

    Q: I installed Forex Warrior but I do not see it in the experts tab. What is wrong?
    A: Most probably, you did a mistake in the destination folder during the installation. Repeat the installation, or copy the EA manually from the distribution archive. The EA consists of two files, the .ex4 file (something like Forex Warrior 6.2.0p.ex4), which should be copied to experts folder of your MT4 terminal and the .dll file (something like Forex Warrior 6.2.0p.dll), which should be copied to experts\libraries.

    Q: I installed Forex Warrior and attached it to the chart. EA sign is smiling but nothing happens. What is wrong?
    A: You have made a mistake in installing. EA requires a .dll library file (something like "Forex Warrior 6.2.0p.dll"), which should be present in experts\libraries folder of your MT4 terminal. Find the .dll file in the distribution archive and copy it into experts\libraries.

    Q: EA displays the information box with text in it, but does not open any trades. What to do?
    A: This can be because the trading with EA is disabled in your MT4 terminal, or by your broker. Look into the Expers log tab of the terminal and check what kind of errors is there. If you see messages like "trading is disabled", you know that this is the case. Check settings of your MT4 terminal and, if they are OK, contact support of your broker.

    Q: When I attach Forex Warrior to the chart, the chart is closed and I get the error message that my license is expired, but it is not. What is wrong?
    A: There might be three reasons for this.
    1. Your account is not authorized. Contact the support. But first check the other two reasons.

    2. You are using the expired version of the EA. Check up if there have been any updates recently. After the important updates, the previous version usually expires after 4 weeks.

    3. There are temporary problems in connecting with license server. Try several times, may be once more after a short while. Note that our licensing done by the mqllock commercial service. They have numerous license servers in different time zones. So, real problems with licensing servers are very unprobable. However, one particular connection may sometimes fail, for this reason or another. This does not happen often, but eventually you may see this. Try to be patient in this case.
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