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    13 Ноябрь 2013
    Control Center (CC) of Expert Advisor StrikeFx coordinates trading of EA on different currency pairs and displays the summary information about the historical performance of EA on the account.
    1. Infomation function. CC shows the number of open orders on each pair, the total lot, the current drawdown on each pair and the total drawdown, the statistics on the closed orders: number of trades and lots, profit/loss in units of currency and in percent of the deposit, the maximal detected drawdown, the date of the maximal drawdown, etc.
    2. Coordination function. CC analyses the number of currently traded currencies, the directions of the trades, the number of currency pairs, and the total open drawdown. According to the settings, CC allows or blocks opening of new baskets on new currency pairs.

    This is how it looks like:
    Strike Fx CC.PNG
    We see that at this moment, there are 4 open orders on 3 currency pairs. Buying EUR and selling USD are blocked by CC. We see also the statistics on closed orders, profits and maximal drawdown on each currency pair.

    How to start EA in the Control Center mode:
    Attach EA StrikeFx to any chart (better EURUSD since it has most ticks) and choose ControlCenterMode = TRUE in the settings.
    Note that in the Control Center mode EA does not open any trades!

    Settings of the Control Center:

    • ControlCenterMode (TRUE/FALSE) -- If TRUE, the EA will be started in the Control Center mode.
    • MaxPairs -- maximal number of the currency pairs that can be traded simultaneously.
    • MaxPairsPerCurrency -- maximal number of the CURRENCIES that can be traded simultaneously in one direction (buy or sell). For example, when MaxPairsPerCurrency = 1 and EA trades EURUSD long, it will not trade longs on XXXUSD pairs and shorts on USDXXX (but may trade shorts on XXXUSD and longs on USDXXX).
    • FreezeDDPerCent -- maximal open drawdown for which opening of new baskets are allowed.
    • HistoryPeriod -- time period for display of statistics of closed trades (ThisWeek, ThisMonth, LastMonth). LastMonth shows the total statistics of the current and the last months.
    • RefreshSeconds -- refresh statistics not quicker than RefreshSeconds (saves resources).
    • MagicAdd, MagicLockAdd -- if not 0, Control Center will take into account orders with these magics as well (in addition to Magic and MagicLock).

    Buttons in the top right corner:

    • Flag_Stop -- block opening of any new baskets (no new baskets will be opened as long as the button is pressed on).
    • ResetHisDD -- clear the history information about the maximal drawdown.
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