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    The money management of Expert Advisor StrikeFx involves the following steps:
    A. Setting up the starting lot size for each of the currency pair,
    B. Setting up the maximal allowed drawdown for each pair (if the trading is done with a loss restriction),
    C. Setting up the number of simultaneously traded currencies and currency pairs.

    First of all, we should decide if we would like to restrict losses in the case "the situation turns against us". This is not an idle question, since traditionally many people are used to trade martingale EAs on many small accounts (often, cent accounts), in which case the losses are ultimately restricted by the size of the deposit. However, we may wish to prefer to trade on a larger deposit, in which case we would need to set up the maximal drawdown allowed for trading.

    A. Setting up the starting lot size.
    Variant 1: trading without loss restriction.

    In this case, the recommended starting lot is 0.01 per each 2k$ (=2000$) of your deposit (assuming your broker has the standard lot size, 1 lot = 100,000 base currency units). The starting lot does not depend on the number of trading pairs.
    It is planned to develop special sets with starting lot of 0.01 per 1k$. Such sets are under development at the moment of writing.

    Variant II: trading with loss restriction.
    In this case, the recommended setting is 0.01 starting lot per each 5k$ (=5000$) of your deposit; the recommended value of maximal allowed drawdown is 2k$ for the starting lot 0.01.

    In the settings of EA, you can enable or disable the auto money management feature (AutoMM).
    1. For AutoMM = FALSE, the starting lot size is fixed and is given by LotSize variable.
    2. For AutoMM = TRUE, the starting lot size is adjusted automatically according to the size of the deposit.

    Starting lot = LotSize *(deposit balance)/AutoMMEquity
    The larger the parameter AutoMMEquity, the smaller the trading risks.
    Example: for AutoMMEquity=2,000 and LotSize=0.01, the starting lot size will be 0.01 for each 2к$ of your deposit.

    B. Setting up the maximal allowed drawdown for each pair
    The maximal allowed drawdown can be set up by any of the three parameters:
    1. MaxDD - Maximal open drawdown allowed for trading, in units of the base currency. If 0, disabled.
    2. MaxDDPerCent - The same as MaxDD, but in percents of the account balance. E.g., if MaxDDPerCent =30, the trading will be stopped when the drawdown exceeds 30% of the account balance. If 0, disabled.
    3. MaxDDAutoMMEquity - automatic recalculation of the maximal drawdown according to the size of your deposit (AutoMM should be enabled). Maximal drawdown is calculated as MaxDD = (starting lot)/LotSize * MaxDDAutoMMEquity. For example, for MaxDDAutoMMEquity = 2000 maximal drawdown will be 2к$ for each 0.01 of the starting lot. Actual value of MaxDD is shown in information panel of the EA. If 0, disabled.

    In order to fixate the losses, EA can either close all open orders for this pair, or set up the full lock (open the opposite order that makes the total position neutral and remove all stops and take profits). If UseLock =TRUE, EA will set up the lock. Otherwise, EA will close the orders.

    C. Setting up the number of simultaneously traded currencies and currency pairs.
    For this, you need to start a separate copy of the EA in the Control Center mode (ControlCenterMode = TRUE) and adjust its settings. See also the special thread about Control Center.

    The most important parameter is MaxPairsPerCurrency. It set up the maximal number of the CURRENCIES that can be traded simultaneously in one direction (buy or sell). For example, when MaxPairsPerCurrency = 1 and EA trades EURUSD long, it is not allowed to trade longs on XXXUSD pairs and shorts on USDXXX (but allowed to trade shorts on XXXUSD). Recommended values: 1 or 2.

    The parameter MaxPairsPerCurrency sets up the maximal number of the currency pairs that can be traded simultaneously. Recommended values: 4 or 5.

    The parameter FreezeDDPerCent sets up the maximal open drawdown (in % of the deposit) for which opening of new baskets are allowed. Recommended value: 10 or smaller.

    Apart from the above settings, you always have a possibility to block opening of any new baskets by pressing the button Flag_Stop in the right top corner of the Control Center.
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